After acceptance of the attached order, the order can not be canceled by the buyer.

Terms & Conditions:

Each customer accepts them when placing an order, the sale conditions are set put, knows and accepts.
We will do everything possible to collect the ordered goods as soon as possible to deliver. Circumstances such as strikes, fires, floods and similar are considered as superior if they are to cause the delivery delayed or impossible. We are not obliged to unforeseeable nature and circumstances of the army and the consequent impossibility of the contract to prove. If circumstances the execution of the order could put at risk, we reserve the right to cancel the sale without any obligation on our part.

Delivery times are indicative and may not result in termination of the sale, nor for damages in favor of the buyer.

Payment Terms:
All goods remain the property of the seller until the moment that the full amount of the purchase paid. All invoices are payable to GST Trading BVBA. We reserve the right to invoice the goods as they were delivered, even if that part happened. All bank charges and transfer costs are borne by the purchaser. He should take this into account in its payments. Payments must be in EUR.

Cancellation of the contract for whatever reason is only possible with consent of the seller.
Reversal of goods:
Our articles are in no way be taken back.

To be received any complaint sent to us by registered mail within 48 hours of receiving the goods, if the buyer is supposed to accept delivery.

The non-payment of an invoice by the due date, we are empowered to suspend all deliveries and, if we wish, all agreements with the buyer who pays late or not, of law breaking. Any advance remains our property without any formality we have to perform than the purchaser by registered mail to inform of this settlement.

Except by express agreement, and after timely requested and we granted postponement will not pay a bill on the due date lead to the following measures:
- the immediate recovery of all outstanding amounts.
- Payment of damages of 15% of the remaining amounts due.
- payment of a 1% interest per month on the arrears without a warning is required.

In dispute, the competent court of Mechelen - Belgium